Bridge to the 5th Dimension

The Fast Track to Autonomy, Health and Light

EAN:  9789493071865
Publicatiedatum:   24-09-2021
Formaat:  Paperback / softback
Taal:  Engels
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You are not alone

At this time, thousands upon thousands of people have entered the process of awakening and transformation, due to recent events.
The great awakening is now happening.
The pandemic has proven to be a curse and a blessing as so many are now finding their way to the truth.

Truth that offers freedom, to be who you really are in the experience of your own life.
Truth that accelerates the need to change.
Truth that unites us in a desire for a more beautiful reality of autonomy, health and light; a higher dimension of life.
This will be the result of the conciousness and changes that are now unfolding.
The beginning of this change starts within you.

This book guides you in the individual and collective process of becoming aware, fully awakening and experiencing enlightenment by becoming the master of your own Mind Body & Spirit.
A process of development and self actualization that can be challenging, lonely, sometimes difficult or even devastating.
A journey that turns your inner and outer world upside down.

Let this book support, inspire you and show you the way to bridge the gap between the discontent, turmoil and despair you may feel, and the light on the horizon in this moment of darkness.
I wish you balance on your way.

You are not alone
We are in this together
And so it is

    EAN: 9789493071865
    Uitgever: Obelisk Media B.V
    Vertaler:  Anita van Stuyvesant Meijen
    Publicatiedatum:   24-09-2021
    Formaat: Paperback / softback
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