The influence of the social environment on the educational process of the child

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Publicatiedatum:   15-08-2023
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Lukáš Stárek’s book discusses the significance of the social environment and inclusive education for children with disadvantages. It emphasizes that schools play a crucial role in shaping children’s development, providing support in knowledge and skills for the benefit of both the individual and society. Acknowledging the individuality of each child is essential for fostering a classroom environment based on trust and confidence.

The role of teachers is highlighted as they have a direct impact on the quality of information transmission and student motivation. Teachers face various expectations from different stakeholders such as school principals, parents, students, and colleagues. To effectively handle emergencies and ensure the well-being of themselves, students, and colleagues, teachers need personal leadership and opportunities for growth and development. Building a strong team of prepared and responsible employees who prioritize the well-being of students and colleagues is crucial for effective school leadership.

Overall, Stárek emphasizes the importance of schools in shaping children’s development, the role of teachers in meeting diverse expectations, and the need for personal and professional development within the education system.

Lukáš Stárek is a graduate of special pedagogy from Charles University in Prague. Throughout his career, he has focused on working directly with individuals facing disabilities and disadvantages. Since 2014, Starek is teaching at the University of Jan Amos Komenský in Prague. Since 2023 he is a professor at AMBIS University, Prague.

    EAN: 9789463014663
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    Publicatiedatum:   15-08-2023
    Formaat: Paperback / softback
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