Carbon's Quantum Call!

Engels | 08-08-2023 | 281 pages


Paperback / softback

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This book is intended for anyone; however, it is designed for senior international scientists. The aim is to use the book to demonstrate the theory of Carbonology, a grand unified theory of life in the Universe based on the remarkable properties of the humble carbon atom. The book contains a telephone script to a scientist and a publicity stunt over the phone. The theory is presented in a quick and instantaneous way, changing their view of life and reality immediately. This is called Carborealisation. The theory becomes visibly identifiable in a person's entire world, which is often a shocking experience for the recipient. The moment is intensified by playing the Eve of the War from the War of the Worlds. Then they receive this book as a PDF via email. They are then presented with how Carbonology works and how it explains the anatomy and physiology of life, both plants and animals. Even technology becomes part of the whole model of life. We look at Carbonomics, which uses simple carbon models to describe all life due to the fractal geometry of life. In essence, carbon is the blueprint of life, which is no surprise at all. This is a new and powerful way of living and understanding.


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Publicatiedatum :  08-08-2023
Formaat :Paperback / softback
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