The Future Polar Bear

The impact of the vanishing sea ice on an arctic ecosystem

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Publicatiedatum:   12-07-2019
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The spotlight is on the Arctic region. Crumbling glaciers, thawing permafrost and the vanishing sea ice cover are phenomena frequently discussed in the media. They are clear signs of the intense warming of the Arctic ecosystem. The dramatic decline in sea ice has consequences not only for the microorganisms, plants, animals and peoples that live there, but also for the climate at the middle latitudes. Inspired by their years of scientific research and experience in the field, the authors present unique photographic material and discuss the processes and the impact of climate warming in the polar region.

The Polar Bear is the symbol par excellence of the unique sea ice ecosystem. The authors explore the life, past and future of this top predator. Can this super specialist still adapt? Is its survival threatened or not?

This book provides the necessary tools to put media reports about the Arctic, climate change, sea ice and the Polar Bear into context.

    EAN: 9789057188565
    Uitgever: ASP - Academic and Scientific Publishers
    Publicatiedatum:   12-07-2019
    Formaat: Paperback / softback
    Taal: Engels
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