EAN:  9783667125316
Publicatiedatum:   30-11-2022
Formaat:  Hardback
Taal:  Engels
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   Gratis leveren aan huis in Sint-Niklaas

Star photographer Ren? Staud’s illustrated book is a
monument to the highspeed icons from Zuffenhausen
– to the best of Porsche racing cars.

Porsche and motorsport always belonged together – so you could think. But in fact, private owners were the first to be successful with their 356s on the racing tracks. The Porsche 550 Spyder from the 1950s was the first racing car manufactured at the plant – and achieved great successes right from the beginning!
Motorsport not only gave Porsche the opportunity to test progressive technology that could be transferred to roadsters, it also was the ideal marketing tool with an enormous influence. Looking back at models like the Porsche 917, 904 and 956, successful serial winners and racing legends emerged from that.
Just as legendary are René Staud’s Porsche photos. As one of the best and most famous automobile photographers in the world, he staged the top-class sports cars in a way so far unmatched. Beyond the racing track’s noise and dirt, the Porsche models unfold their unique magic and show the tough developmental work behind them as well as the timelessness of functional design.

    EAN: 9783667125316
    Uitgever: ACC Publishing Group
    Publicatiedatum:   30-11-2022
    Formaat: Hardback
    Taal: Engels
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    Aantal bladzijden: 240