Courageous Discomfort

How to Have Important, Brave, Life-Changing Conversations about Race and Racism

EAN:  9781797215266
Publicatiedatum:   28-09-2022
Formaat:  Hardback
Taal:  Engels
Aantal bladzijden:  208


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An empowering handbook on how to have candid conversations around race and become a better advocate, written by a Black woman and a white woman who ask and answer 20 common, uncomfortable-but-critical questions about racism. Many people struggle to have honest conversations about race, even those who consider themselves allies or identify as anti-racist. For anyone who wants to have better, more productive discussions, COURAGEOUS DISCOMFORT is an empowering handbook that teaches you how to do just that.

    EAN: 9781797215266
    Uitgever: Chronicle Books
    Publicatiedatum:   28-09-2022
    Formaat: Hardback
    Taal: Engels
    Hoogte: 203 mm
    Breedte: 152 mm
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    Aantal bladzijden: 208