Cut Flower Growing

A Beginner's Guide to Planning, Planting and Styling Cut Flowers, No Matter Your Space

EAN:  9781784885250
Publicatiedatum:   30-04-2022
Formaat:  Hardback
Taal:  Engels
Aantal bladzijden:  144


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Cut Flower Growing will show you how to grow and harvest your own cut flowers at home, no-matter your space or skill-level.

Split into three sections: Planning & Preparing, From Seed to Cutting and Creating with Blooms, this book takes you through the very basics of cut flower growing: how to plan your space and what you want to grow, what varieties to look for as well as feature some essential tips and tricks for maintaining healthy plants.

Featuring simple ideas on how you can enjoy the spoils of your hard work with 12 beautifully inspiring, seasonal and stylish cut-flower arranging projects this stunning guide provides all the information you need to get started with your own cutting garden.

    EAN: 9781784885250
    Uitgever: Hardie Grant Books
    Publicatiedatum:   30-04-2022
    Formaat: Hardback
    Taal: Engels
    Hoogte: 230 mm
    Breedte: 190 mm
    Voorraad:  Bestelbaar
    Aantal bladzijden: 144